a YASHBIZ WOODEN SHINER your wood will enhance the natural colors and leave a beautiful finish.

Whether you’re looking to spruce up a piece of solid wood furniture, shine some hardwood floors, or finish some raw wood, YASHBIZ WOOD SHINER is a great option to add shine and longevity to any wood you have.

No matter the size of your project, polishing wood is a fairly straightforward process that you can do by yourself!


Coat the surface of the wood sparingly with YASHBIZ WOOD SHINER. It may be tempting to over polish, but remember: any excess wax will need to be wiped off after it has dried, and the less you have to do this, the easier the process.


After giving the SHINER some time to absorb

(usually about 15-20 minutes), wipe off excess wax with a clean, dry cloth.


Spray or pour the solution on a soft cloth and work it into the wood, wiping in the same direction as the wood grain. If the wood seems dry, let the solution sit and then go over it again.

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