Yashbiz Min (Chelated Powder) is a high-quality, effective supplement of chelated mineral mixture for cattle. It has all the essential minerals and vitamins required for optimum reproductive health, to improve the conception rate and for a healthy pregnancy.

Yashbiz Min (Chelated Powder) is a powerful chelated mineral and vitamin supplement for cattle. The high bioavailability of minerals ensures enhanced fertility.


Increase in milk and milk quality

Naturally increase SNF

Improves the growth rate

Improves the skin and coat

Relives stress and fatigue


Nutritional Value per kg

Vitamin A 7,42,500 IU

Vitamin D3 1,08,00 IU

Vitamin B2 450 mg

Vitamin E 250 mg

Vitamin k 90 mg

Vitamin b12 2000 mcg

Nicotinamide 5 mg

Phosphorous 12%

Calcium 24%

Cobalt 0.02 gm

Copper 1 mg

Iodine 0.02 gm

Iron 3 gm

Magnesium 13.33 gm

Manganese 1.2 gm

Zinc 2 g

Live Yeast 90 billion

Source of protein 100 gm


Buffalo – cow ADD 25gm to 30 gm per day to be mixed in the feed

Poultry chicks growers & broilers add 1 kg.

Off ambimin in 1 tunne of feed

Weight 1.100 kg


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