Yashbiz Excellent is naturally acquired blue ocean algae fermentation after extract in rich combination of unique and highly effective L- Series aminos, vitamins, glutamic acid, alkaloids and proteins in soluble form.

Dosage and application:-

100-150g per acre for foliar spray in all crops.

Spray in combination with every foliar fertilizers and pesticides.

Excellent should not be mixed with alkaline product.


Yashbiz Excellnt is Bio- Extract growth regulator absorbed by leaves and roots of plants.

Improves plant resistance to extreme temp, high humidity frost, pest attack, floods and drought.

Improves fruit quality (size, shape, weight, color, shine etc.)

Increases crop yield significially by reduction flower drop, promotes flowering and fruit setting and enhance vegetative growth.

Excellent is purely nature bio product, no toxic and sate for crop and mammals.

Weight 0.150 kg


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