» Natural Killer Cells Enhanced by 300%
» Patients suffering from chronic fatigue, gradually recovered by consumption of Noni,
» 700% Increase in Immunity System for Cancer Patients Who Consume Noni.
» Props of Natural, Balanced and Strong Surprise!
» Federation Noni 100% Pure Natural Enzymes is the Ultimate Choice of Experts!

» Helps to stimulate bowel movement and increases water absorption in the large intestine
» Helps improve constipation and piles
» Helps normalize the function of the stomach
» Helps regulate the pH in our body
» Helps in producing hemoglobin and prevents anemia
» Helps regulate the blood pressure
» Rich in vitamins and minerals that helps meet the needs of mothers during the pregnancy and postnatal periods
» Helps to breakdown the alcohol and reduces ketone compounds in the body of the drunken person
» Helps regulate the sugar level of diabetic person
» Prevents deficiencies in vitamins and minerals


How To Use :-

Shake Before use

Take only 2-3 drop once in a day

Weight 0.180 kg


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