Yashbiz Detergent liquid is a multi-enzyme detergent which offers superior cleaning performances, at low temperature. Over laundry liquid contains six enzymes each offering maximum stain removal.

Yashbiz Detergent Liquid is effective for bucket washing. Yashbiz detergent liquid is safe on hands and gives you tough stain removal. Being liquid it gives a superior laundry experience as it penetrates deeper into layers of clothes and reaches stain faster for a superior cleaning. Yashbiz Detergent liquid with a powerful cleaning technology penetrates stains faster and removes tough stains


Direction for use :-

Front and top-leader automatic laundry machine:

Use 5ml per 1 kg of dry weight laundry for standard to moderately solid laundry.

Use 10ml per kg of laundry for heavily solid laundry.



No residue

Color protect

Power of stain remover

Whiteness keeper

Faster stain remove

Weight 1.200 kg


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